HEGARDT, Who we are?

Since 1988 offering our services.

HEGARDT, S.L is a trading company founded in 1988 with a clear technical vocation based on his wide experience acquired previously in firms such as RESINAS POLIÉSTERES (REPOSA), RÍO RÓDANO S.A. and CRAY VALLEY S.A.

It is the highly knowledgeable experience in the unsaturated polyester and its applications closely connected to trade which advised since 2003 the division of the company into two contributory branches:

  • HEGARDT S.L. continues in the trade area as one of the main distributors of resins, reinforcements and auxiliary materials that supplies the markets with both reinforced and loaded composites.
  • FAXE ESPECIALIDADES QUÍMICAS, S.L. which is bound to deal with the technical progress of our customers.

This second branch is focused on its laboratory for research and innovation in new products, new applications and new systems of transformation which allows to consolidate its products such as customized resins, courses, seminars, etc. and open up new markets with any other own development.

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