HEGARDT, Who we are?

Since 1988 offering our services.

HEGARDT, S.L is a trading company founded in 1988 with a clear technical vocation based on his wide experience acquired previously in firms such as RESINAS POLIÉSTERES (REPOSA), RÍO RÓDANO S.A. and CRAY VALLEY S.A.

We are firmly engaged in sales, technical support and consultancy in the field of reinforced plastics with fiberglass and composites. We are recognized as a reliable partner by a large number of renowned companies in the area of wind energy, aerospace, rail, marine transport, tanks and corrosion resistant composites industry in general. Due to our close collaboration with our suppliers, our products are formulated with a great and careful precision which allows us to offer always accurate and customized solutions to our clients.

It`s this expertise in this field which enables us to support our customers in the development and introduction of new and more effective production processes.

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