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Elastomer of silicone to of two components, which mixed to ambient temperature produce a final flexible, elastic product and of excellent mechanical properties. RTV-491 and the select catalyst are in use widely in the production of molds for the model reproduction of wax, ceramics, wood, metal, stone, plaster, etc., in materials as resins of polyester, polyurethane, artificial stone, alabaster, plaster, etc. APARIENCIA: Pasta fluida COLOUR: White VISCOSITY to 25ºC, mPa.s: 25-40.000 DENSITY to 25ºC, g/cm3: 1,10


Mix Ratio100:5100:5
Working Time (25ºC)3 h1 h
Demoulding TIme (25ºC)26 h4 h
Hardness (Shore A)1626
Strenght Resistance, Kg/cm23528
Elongation Resistance, %400200
Tear Resistance, Kg/cm2220

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