AERIALITE 4 OZ E-Glass | Hegardt Chemical Products

The brightest, whitest boards are made with Aerialite-strong, lightweight and durable surf glass fabric that delivers real value. Whit its propietary finish, Aerialite provides a smooth, brilliant white surface that turns heads and gets your board graphics noticed. White lies are everywhere, so don´t be fooled - choose Aerialte


  • 4 Onzas equivale a 113 gr/m2.
  • 6 Onzas equivale a 170 gr/m2.
  • 27' equivale a 68 cm de ancho
  • 30' equivale a 80 cm de ancho.

Los rollos completos tienen una longitud de 114 metros lineales.

Para obtener los mejores resultados recomendamos el empleo con Resina H61 o su versión de curado ultravioleta Resina H61-UV

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