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The E-glass (Electrical fiberglass) is more commonly used and the most economic, produces laminated with good resistance and tenacity, and though it has minor mechanical properties is perfectly satisfactory in many applications. The fabric S-glass was originally produced for military applications by the army of the USA used in armored vehicles and jackets. Chemically it has major content of silica and does not contain boron. It has excellent mechanical characteristics (principally resistance to the tension) though due to his high cost, it is in the habit of being used only by the most competitive riders demanding the maximum presentations to the table. Independently of the type of used fabric, the glass fabrics Aerialite allow the dried great one and provide the highest clarity. Besides his resistance it provides to the tables of the smoothest and whiter surface. They are strong, durables and light, providing a top managing avoiding problems of manufacture. Aerialite is available in a wide variety of styles offering the physical only properties to satisfy the most demanding procedure of manufacture. The fabrics Aerialite are made entirely of the USA.


  • 4 Onzas equivale a 113 gr/m2.
  • 6 Onzas equivale a 170 gr/m2.
  • 27' equivale a 68 cm de ancho
  • 30' equivale a 80 cm de ancho.

Los rollos completos tienen una longitud de 114 metros lineales.

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