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Semi-permanenant mold release agent specifically formulated for reinforced polyester gel coats. It provides minimal mould build-up thus eliminating buffing and cleaning between applications. Cure Time@ RT: 15-20 minutes Thermal Stability: <400°C

This semi-permanent release coating chemically bonds to the mold surface, forming a micro
thin release film. Frekote FRP-NC provides a high gloss finish and minimal mold build-up thus eliminating buffing and cleaning between applications. Multiple releases per application will also
lead to significant reductions in mold prep time.


Minimal mold build-up
Multiple releases per application
High gloss finish
Maximum mold utilization
Reduced mold maintenance
Fast cure

Appearance Clear liquid
Odor Hydrocarbon
Solvents Aliphatic Hydrocarbon, Dibutyl Ether
Specific Gravity 0.770 +/- 0.010
Shelf Life One year from date of manufacture
Special Cautions Moisture sensitive, keep container
closed when not in use.
Application Temp 13ºC - 40ºC (55°F - 105°F)
Thermal Stability 400ºC (750°F)

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