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3d-Core is a closed cell core material manufactured in PET (Polietilenterftalato) that provides higher values of stiffness, resistance to bending, tension and compression than other nuclei with a minimum weight contribution. Increases profitability and productivity in infusion and injection processes. It can also be used in manual lamination.



Compatible with all the resins and reinforcements used in composite materials.

Its reduced weight contributes to the saving of materials and time.

It is molded to the surface because they are flexible plates

Beam effect shape in double T which gives it an optimal load distribution

Their closed cells prevent moisture or resin from being introduced into them.

By getting more stiff, you need to use fewer other materials.
Thanks to its structure, the resin flows quickly through the channels, providing a constant flow and optimum saturation.

It is used with the usual means of manufacturing. No new tools or machinery needed

It is used for all manufacturing processes: vacuum infusion, RTM, manual lamination, autoclave, injection...

Total protection against delamination thanks to the connection between surfaces.

It is a unique, hybrid material with a high-design look.

It does not absorb more resin than the one used in filling the cells ' channels.

Available in various densities and thicknesses.

Resin consumption is 85gr/m2/mm

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