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Aware of the fact that on occasions, the resins in catalogue that many manufacturers offer are not adapted to the specific needs of the current market, Hegardt started up in 2006 FAXE, a laboratory specialized in chemicals, mainly dedicated to the research and development of polyester, giving our customers a proper focus on their needs through our customized products.



The main advantages that FAXE ESPECIALIDADES QUÍMICAS provides to our customers are:

Product approvals

  • Selection and testing of materials
  • Preparation of test samples
  • Product certification by authorized laboratories

Technical support and troubleshooting

  • Study and adaptation of the shrinkage and/or deformation
  • Adaptation of viscosities, exothermal, times of gel and curing, thixotropy, etc.
  • Pigmentation of gelcoats according to RAL chart.

Research and development - Special projects

  • High polymer concrete with recycled materials
  • Low styrene emission resins
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrical conductivity and dispersion of electrostatic charges
  • etc

Quality control in:

  • Reception of materials
  • Dispatching goods (control tests)
  • Management claims and/or returns to the manufacturer

Training courses and technical seminars

  • Continuous technological renovation and introduction of new products.
  • Training courses on application processes

With all these activities, our main aim is to fulfill the expectations of those customers who require not only high quality products at competitive prices but a personalized service.

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